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For Students

In recognition of the broad interdisciplinary nature of the field, the Department of Anthropology offers a wide range of options including the major, two interdisciplinary majors (geography-anthropology and sociology-anthropology), and a correlate sequence. At all levels of the curriculum, students have opportunities to carry out anthropological field work under professional conditions.

Courses available to first-year students include three Freshman Writing Seminars:  Anthropology of Water (Anthropology 170-01 fall), Language Facts, Language Fictions (Anthropology 170-02 fall) and Bones, Bodies and Forensic Cases (Anthropology 170-51 spring) plus Cultural Anthropology (Anthropology 140), which is required of all majors, Archaeology (Anthropology 100), Human Origins (Anthropology 120), and Linguistics and Anthropology (Anthropology 150).

First-year students with a strong interest in anthropology or some background in the social sciences might also consider Anthropology 240-01 China Now, or Anthropology 240-02 The Pacific offered in the fall.  Please email the instructors directly with any questions or for additional information.

Majors will also need to take a course in anthropological theory, obtain some field experience, and become familiar with at least two of the other subdisciplines and two cultural regions. Beyond this, students follow their own interests and inclinations with the assistance of departmental faculty.

Courses and Requirements

Academic requirements and courses are available in the Vassar College Catalogue.


Correlate Sequence